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At Debt Network Academy,  we have experienced real-life financial hardships during the 2008 Financial disaster.  Not knowing whom to turn to for help was a major issue. In fact, most Financial Advisors, Life agents, CPA's and Realtors, had adverse financial losses themselves.  During the past 3 years, we established an educational format program combining our experience with advanced technology, into a unique 90-day online course.

We developed a Free DNA Challenge. We take your Cash Flow, debt, and interest costs and prepare a personal DNA report. Including the  Consultation hour for you to see your challenger,  keep doing what your doing is best or in most cases, the slowest way to build wealth. This educational introduction toward building wealth through managing and eliminating debt interest to zero gives you the Wealth advantage, Give us a call today to set up your free consultation. No social security numbers, no account numbers, no obligation. Just seeing your own DNA math, beyond the numbers. Find out about the Truth about Debt and how you can manage debt to build wealth faster.

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